About Us

Current economic conditions leave many small business owners feeling trapped. They understand the need to reach out to new customers and bring in new business but are troubled by the cost of traditional tech solutions.

A solid IT infrastructure, a professional website, and online marketing campaign offer the best return on investment in hard economic times.

As more customers turn to the internet to track down the best deals on a wide range of products and services, having a professional website and a smooth IT operation becomes even more critical.

Without a site, your chances of being found on search engines are nearly zero. Without the right business application and professional online presence you are missing a chance to tell the whole story of your company. Not just the where, but the how and why as well. How your company saves its customers money, why someone should come to your shop. JP Web was created to help small business, and non-profit groups take advantage of the internet. Our tips and guides aim to give you the chance to keep your company up to date and focused. Our goal is to maximize your technology budget by presenting the most effective tactics to achieve tech nirvana and to connect in a meaningful way with your next customer.