If you want your website to be successful, you should learn to differentiate to find the web designing company or freelancer that that meets the need of your company.

Responsiveness, availability and good communication are the factors to be observed first. If you are short on time or if you do not have the skills to choose a good service provider, you can always contact us.

You should aim at getting a website that adapted to your business so that it generates traffic qualified and thus be able to expect a return on investment as quickly as possible. You must first identify your needs in detail. This will involve a thorough research to select the web agency that best meets your needs.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the essential qualities required of a web design company. The choice of the right web design provider is a strategic action of the utmost importance. It requires some basic knowledge of the player at the project level but also web services agencies. This choice will result in the project’s success and the satisfaction of having a matching bill in the best possible option. The goal is to make a winning investment and to be ultimately satisfied with the product.

Consult the search engines.

Some of us use a friend, neighbor or relative and ask them if they know any dependable web-designing company. But if you do not know anyone? In most cases, people use the most popular method: search engines including “Google”.  You can just type in a keyword on the search engine to get an infinity of results.

The plethora of web agencies that appear could be a handicap in the sense that we still do not know where to turn. Indeed, the ranking on Google may suggest a high quality of services by a provider, but it is not necessarily infallible. A good ranking can be the result of a very good SEO site. In fact, most people tend to focus on the first result of the search engine and conclude that this is the best provider.

The truth is, Google is not able to identify the quality of services and can certainly evaluate the quality of a website, but cannot – at least for the moment – judging the value of the service provided. To know for sure if the agency offers a web service, it must meet some specific criteria.

The company must have a good design to show all the readability of the site. If it is done well, it has several features available quickly, and then we can conclude that the agency did a good development. Beware of salespeople who you meet that shoemakers are the worst shod and check for yourself the references of the web agency you are targeting.

For this is very simple, go to the agency website and click on the “Our achievements “or” References” or ” Our Portfolio” and verify that the sites displayed are real and always active (available online). Then you need to find quickly the imprint page in which the claimant must be mentioned.

If you do not see is that the web agency is not very familiar with the legislation. If you find it difficult, you can conclude that the ergonomics have been poorly studied. An index anyway, often this page is accessible through a small link at the bottom of page (footer).


After selecting two or three providers, call them so they will communicate an email contact address. You can then send them to your specifications. Some web agencies also offer their contact form can add an attachment, which facilitates the work. This introduction will help you discover the offers of the company.

The next step would be a physical encounter, or if a telephone interview with the representative of the company or a qualified business to their present your project, but also and especially for advice.

At this time, based on certain criteria you will get a pretty good idea of the agency. Directors’ web agencies are all human beings and as such they certainly have different psychological profiles and different approach. However, the first contact will remain of paramount importance.

Those in whom you can trust and consequently ensure that your project will be in good hands must have certain essential qualities: responsiveness, availability and good communication.

The professionalism of the director and his involvement are generally valid indicators of rigor and expertise of the agency. During the first meetings, you can expect that it directs you to believe that these professionals as “the best solution” for your project.

Do not worry, you will always find differences between agencies: a successful web agency communicates his knowledge; she helps customers make their choice and identify their needs.

It also helps to identify starting points necessary for the smooth running of their project and to have the most information possible. Incomplete information initially may lead to loss of time and a return to square one, which is never pleasant.

The key is to ensure the credibility and seriousness of the agency asking many and varied questions:

  • Have they made ​​websites in this industry?
  • What are the average budgets for this type of project?
  • What time does it take?
  • What solutions do they propose?
  • My specifications or my need is it complete and do you understand?

If the business you have the phone answered “yes” to each question without you ask, it is rather bad sign. This can mean several things:
It seeks to shorten the conversation because he thinks the project has been won – and in this case , you can be sure that the final product does not meet your expectations, or at least, not in your budget. He did not understand your need and do not try to understand – in this case; you will have an unfinished product, and for which he will put his hand in the portfolio for a product that corresponds to the idea that you had.

Customer Service

You have the right to ask questions and seek clarification and as many times as you want. It is based on the responses and the availability of commercial service that you can get an idea about the quality of service of the company and the importance they attach to the product quality.

The agency website

The content of a company’s website is a showcase of the expertise and credibility of the company. Rich content requires the profusion of company resources, but also provides an overview of its powers. A trend stands today. It is perhaps not new, but it is very popular: the corporate blog. Many mobilize resources to write articles, news, etc.

In most cases, the corporate blog helps convey the values of the company, its qualities, its experience, and know-how. It also shows the great interest of the company to its brand image and reputation.

In general, the blog shows the dynamism of the company, its technology watch, it helps to identify the editorial capacities if we ever need to entrust the drafting of its contents to the agency.

The cost of services

The cost of services is one of the main criteria sought by the contractors, and it may be the fundamental criterion for selecting a service provider for some.

It is possible to become acquainted only with a quote that most agencies offer free web.

Working methods

It is important to know if the agency is working with working methods recognized as an agile example. Indeed, the Agile method is an American method that helps manage IT projects, allocate tasks and estimating the duration of each.

All managed iterative form, which allows great flexibility and improved response time. This method is adopted by many companies because it has certainly proven. Recognized worldwide, it is a guarantee of delivery of a project on the specified date.

Benefits to avoid

Avoid providers that offer services website creation through subscriptions: example, $30 per month. You can be sure that these benefits are not recommended even misleading. Not only your project may never see the day, but again, you will find yourself bound to them by a contract that requires you to pay additional rates for a year or more and too often, these rates are not mentioned in the beginning.

Check the forums, bad agencies or agencies of ill repute are listed and even vilified. However, always make sure you stick to the truth of these facts before judging!

It is important to know what you expect from a web agency: Make sure you have a manageable website. Whether a static or dynamic website, it is in your interest to be able to edit your content and make the necessary updates to your website.

Nowadays, mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets taking a market share of more important, it is essential to specify in your specification requirement of a site called “responsive web design .“

Do not worry, this is a scholarly term fair to say that your site has to adapt to the screen size of the user. Google is also preparing an algorithm to favor sites that adapt to the screen size and mobile friendly. Indeed, if good ergonomics is assessed on a site displayed on a large screen, it is even when it is small.

Make sure you get all the necessary documentation and make sure that the agency will provide training on site and a guide to handling your back office (called the functional specification – the technical specification is available to service providers responsible for maintenance but equally important if you want to change a day of service ) .

Make sure your web agency can provide you with a monthly report on the SEO of your site. We are talking about SEO (search engine optimization) resulting in optimizing for search engines.

The agency must provide you with regular reports positioning your site to several keywords that redirect to your site. One of the simplest and least expensive solutions and claim the presence of “Google Analytics ” on your site.

You will have access to a large number of statistics in several different areas of analysis to the place the most clicked on your pages (click through percentage area).

Similarly, if you need maintenance, claim reports of the work were done and any bug fixes that have been put into production. You’ll have a good view of the work was done and the time it represents.

If the agency does not offer you, you may even be able to make changes in the structure of your site to optimize a part of it. Be careful though if you change the content or worse URLs because keep in mind that Google records URLs (links). You understand that if you change your URLs, visitors will not find your pages. This will be a very strong impact on SEO.

As manager of a consulting firm, I can only recommend you to go through professionals to update your website. The consequences are so serious that it should think twice before changing content or modify a URL indexed in Google.

The quote / commercial proposalIt is preferable that the offer or quotation provider displays the following: A brief description of his agency (expertise, staffing, etc.)  A small section is showing he understood your need and your business, and  He must present his solution and argue technical choice  It must openly display its daily rate (average daily rate) based on profiles that provide.

It should offer you a project schedule clearly showing milestones (dates and times to complete each task). Here is a suggestion of cutting a planning template for this kind of project:

1 – Study and design
2 – Realization of the model ( graphic, visual identity )
3 – Integration, development, and testing
4 – Delivery in pre-production
5 – Minutes Recipe
6 – Delivery in production

Finally, the terms of payment and the period of validity of the license must also appear as well as the warranty period.


Any web agency whose quality of development is not a real problem must offer a warranty period. For information, who participated in a public tender, the institution requested a warranty period of 12 months after delivery in production. Common practice in this environment.

With these pointers in mind, you will be able to finalize a web design company that is ideal for your new website designing or for re-designing your existing website.